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Connecticut Votes for Animals:

  • Serves as the political arm of the state’s animal protection movement.
  • Advocates pro-animal policies.
  • Educates the public regarding animal protection issues.
  • Rallies an engaged public to support passage of animal-friendly laws and the defeat of proposals harmful to animals.
  • Safeguards the interests of animals by making their well-being a priority for our elected leaders.


    Connecticut Votes for Animals is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization

    Why is CVA important for animal protection in Connecticut?



    The fate of Connecticut’s animals is being decided every day at the state legislature; CVA is working hard to ensure that animals – and those who care about them – get a say in the decisions that are made.

    To bring about long-term, positive change for animals, we must persuade legislators of the importance of being pro-animal and also elect animal-friendly lawmakers. We can do so by exerting constituent pressure – that is, calling our representatives about important animal protection issues – and also voting for humane-minded candidates. The more people who are willing to make their vote count for animals, the more lawmakers will listen. CVA facilitates this process – educating the public regarding animal protection issues, fighting harmful proposals, and safeguarding animals’ interests by making their well-being a priority for our elected leaders.

     Board Members

    • Karen Laski
    • Caitlin Sorge
    • Amy Harrell, President
    • Henry Petrofsky, Treasurer
    • Kathleen Sullivan, Secretary
    • Kennedy Munro

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